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What is "Shop By Personality?" Glad you asked! This is where you click if you'd like me to guide you towards the designs I created with certain personas in mind!  

Do you need to shop for a new mom? For a coffee addict? For someone who loves lettered scripture?  

Try it out! If you don't find the "person" you're shopping for, there's always links to jump back to a more traditional shopping route (via design and/or product type)

I'd love to hear back if this guided shopping experience was helpful!  

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Hi there! 


Molly Knabel
Lettering Artist and Designer


So happy you're here!  

A little about me and those guys I'm just casually relaxing on the beach with...

I'm over 30 but not 35 and that just means that I've been out of college for about 10 years and it hurts my heart to even type it.  

I've been married to my handsome smarty pants (who just so happens to be athletic and a craft beer connoisseur so I think that is a win, win, win, win) for 5 years, but he's been putting up with me as his person for almost a decade. whoa.  

I'm lucky enough (and insane enough?) to be a Work-At-Home/SAHM for our 4 year old, Charley, the one cheesing to my right.  And the party is just got crazier this past February when we welcomed our 2nd daughter, Hope! 

I'm originally from Bucks County, a 'burb of Philadelphia, but I've been in the Washington DC/Baltimore metro area for those 10 years since college.  We have a cat named Tucker, who was bigger than our baby for way too long of a time.  I'm obsessed with apple slices dipped first in almond butter and then dunked in Nutella.  I have a sister who I'm blessed to have always called her a best friend.  Except when she was in 7th Grade and I was in 5th Grade and I wouldn't rest until I knew every single thing that was written in her diary.   Annnnnnd - I have always been to some extent, and even more so now, obsessed with pens and handwriting and letters.