What the Blog.

Zero Percent of me ever thought that I was going to start typing a blog post.  

I really should make this formal and do an in-depth introductory post about who I am, where I'm from, how I got started in this lettering journey....but that will have to come later :)  It's 12:30am and I really only decided to add this function to my website so that I can share longer videos than the 15 seconds that Instagram allows :)

I can manage at least an intro paragraph while I wait for this video to upload, right?

Hii, I'm Molly!  I'm over 30 but not 35 and that just means that I've been out of college for almost 10 years and it hurts my heart to even type it.  I'm married to a handsome smarty pants who just so happens to be athletic and a craft beer connoisseur so I think that is a win, win, win, win.  We have an (almost) 2yo daughter and I have, as of 3 weeks ago, been lucky enough to stay at home with her while I do this small business hustle too.  I'm originally from a 'burb of Philadelphia but I've been in the Washington DC/Baltimore metro area for those almost 10 years since college.  I have a cat named Tucker, who was bigger than our baby for way too long of a time.  I'm obsessed with apple slices dipped first in almond butter and then dunked in Nutella.  I have a sister who I'm blessed to have always called her a best friend.  Except when she was in 7th Grade and I was in 5th Grade and I wouldn't rest until I knew every single thing that was written in her diary.   Annnnnnd - I have always been to some extent, and even more so now, obsessed with pens and handwriting and letters.   

Now how about that video?

I'm always asked about the lettering tools I'm using and I figured that since Blick Arts claimed my wallet as its BAE this weekend, I would share what I bought and show you the different colors and how the different pen nibs write!  [Side note.  I JUST learned what "bae" means about a month ago.  If you don't know, google it now so you can feel as old as I do #ThisIs30]

So here goes nothing -- bear with me on this one, guys.  I'm new to the voiceovers, my camera angle and lighting will hopefully be improved as this journey progresses and I am positive I'll cringe when I hear my voice for 8.5 minutes.  Ha! [FYI-the video is at 2x Speed so I don't write QUITE that fast].

Enjoy!  I would love if you'd leave a comment either below or on the Instagram post and let me know if you have any questions about any of the pens, if you liked watching a video about them, if you'd be interested in me keeping up with blog posts so I can share more videos of the projects I work on etc.