Brush Pen Roundup - Poppy & Mint Input and Top Picks

Hey there!

Hope this blog post finds you well and that you're finding my 2015 Holiday [Lettering] Gift Guide helpful! :)

Who's psyched to talk brush pens?!  I've been eluding to this blog post in many an Instagram post - the goal being to show every single brush pen I have in my collection in one place, give a little input about each pen, show some demos (because we all know you guys go crazy over watching the pens in action), and then give some of my top picks at the end.

** If you're not interested in EVERY pen and you just want to see my top picks, scroll to the bottom of the post!**

Before you start scrolling... Every photo/video has been set up the same way and here are the components you'll see in each:

  • The Name of the pen written out
  • A Photo of the pen (or the video of it in action)
  • The Price (As mentioned above, this blog post does include affiliate links where possible.  However, I want you to know that I did check to see if JetPens had a cheaper price and if it did, I use their link as opposed to an affiliate link with Amazon.)
  • A Sample Word - I went with a tried and true, "hello."  whatupAdele.
  • Sample Strokes - Thin Upstroke, Thick Downstroke, an Oval and then an overturn and under turn pattern.
  • Watercolor Potential?  I included this as a test so that you can see if the pens you already have can double as a medium to use for watercolor lettering.  OR if that is an important factor for you in choosing new pens for your Holiday Wish List!   You'll see the method I use in the video - I place some ink down on an acrylic block or a laminated piece of cardstock (like the Tomboy Blending Palette) and then I pick it up with a water brush.  You'll see a RED "X" in the photo/video if the pen was not a contender for this and a lettered "abc" if it was. not put this off any further due to lack of time (and motivation) to write this blog post, I'm going to let the picture captions and the videos do the talking (well.  the videos just have music in the background ... but that's probably welcome to my voice explaining every single time I demonstrate a thin upstroke.)

And we're off.. (in no particular order):

Did you make it??

Ok in summary...if I have to:

I would recommend the Pilot Futayaku Dual Tip ( Fine/Medium), the Zebra Disposables (Super Fine, Fine and Medium) and the Faber Castell "B".

But really guys? I only was able to really make those Top 3 because I know every other Holiday Lettering Gift Guide told you about Tombow Fude, Tombow Dual Brush, Pentel Fude Sign etc.  They are the favorites right now and I totally agree!  The three I listed above are just some new ones I've recently started loving and my tried and true Faber that I've always loved.

Notables?  I'm loving the juiciness of the Koi Coloring Brush pens as an alternative to the Tombow Dual Brush.   I love the super dark black pigment of the Pilot Pocketbrush Hard and the Pentel Pocketbrush.

Really, the only one I don't recommend because I loathe it is the Pilot Pocketbrush Soft. :)  

I hope this helped you some and that you have a great time gifting yourselves this holiday season!