Holiday Envelope Address Art Series: The Final 2!

Last two, y'all!

Technique #5 focuses on the use of masking fluid and watercolor and then some additional embellishments to finish it off - nothing too fancy and I think these are always crowd pleasers!

(And for those who can't wait to know - you'll find the final technique (and more of a bonus one) at the bottom - creating your envelopes using the IPad Pro!



  • An envelope - I went with an A7 Kraft

Typically I share the step by step guide here for each envelope but because this one is a (relatively) short video and really has much to do with lettering, I'm going to leave it to the YouTube tutorial!  

Here's Technique 5's video!

TECHNIQUE #6 - A bit of a bonus - Envelopes created using the IPad Pro and Apple Pencil!

If you have the capability to use this tutorial, I hope you love it!  



  • Any cardstock that you'll be able to either get through your own printer (mine can only handle up to 80lb) or that you can bring or get at a local print shop.
  • (Optional) Adobe Photoshop - for the added step at the end of the tutorial.  However, this step doesn't NEED to be completed - it only provides a foolproof way that you won't have edges at your score lines and envelope punches that weren't EXACT, therefore showing a distinct edge to your design.

Like Technique #5, I'm going to leave the steps to the YouTube video -- there are a ton of steps in this tutorial as far as where to go in the programs.  If I spoke too fast (needed to keep up with my video! oops!) - feel free to comment here or to email me ( and it would be helpful if you could reference the video (Part 1 or Part 2) and approximately the time you're at in the video that was confusing!

Thank you SO much for following along on this Series and I hope it was entertaining to watching and/or it gave you some fun ideas for your snail mail!

Have a great holiday season in this coming week, friends!


TECHNIQUE #6 VIDEO: Part 1 (IPad Design creation and export to the computer for print): 

TECHNIQUE #6 VIDEO: Part 2 (Photoshop Tweaking and Printing/Assembly)